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COVID-19 UPDATE – March 24, 2022


Many changes have been taking place regarding provincial and civic COVID-19 restrictions and protocols in the past several weeks. As a small practice, we rely on all of our staff members to work closely together as a team.  We have made the health and safety of our staff a top priority to ensure we can continue to provide our services to referring veterinarians and clients. Any negative effect of COVID-19 could result in our practice having to temporarily close. To avoid this, we have continued to take extra precautions with our clinic safety protocols and have delayed the removal of restrictions.  With the decreasing number and severity of COVID -19 cases, we will be able to lift some of those restrictions and allow owners to once again join their pets in our facility.

Beginning March 31, 2022, we will be allowing clients (maximum of 2) to accompany their pets into the clinic for their appointments. 

Since we have a relatively small waiting area and need to prevent congestion of clients and pets moving in and out of the clinic, we will still require you to call us at (403)993-7146 when you arrive for consultations, rechecks, or surgical admissions. We will review any paperwork (confirming file information and admission documents) and check you in over the phone. We will ask you to remain in your vehicle until we are ready for your pet to be admitted for surgery or for your consultation/ recheck appointment to begin.

ALL CLIENTS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK OR FACE COVERINGS WHEN IN OUR FACILITY.  If you have a mask exemption or are unable to wear a face covering, we will continue to provide our services to you on a no-contact basis.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and are happy to accommodate any client who prefers to proceed with a no-contact appointment.


Dr. Terrie Faber and the Team at Alberta Veterinary Dentistry

(403) 993-7146

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